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Fermi JobWe are an independent testing company that specializes in High Voltage testing and maintenance. This includes locating underground cable faults, thumping, splicing, terminating, testing circuit breakers, oil sampling, lab analysis, power monitoring, calibrating protective relays, and infrared thermal inspections.


Without a preventative maintenance program, management assumes a much greater risk of a serious electrical failure and its consequences. An aggressive maintenance program will reduce accidents, save lives, and minimize costly breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns of critical equipment and facilities. Anticipated problems can be identified and solutions applied before major problems occur and more expensive solutions are required.


24 Hours 7 Days/wk Emergency call service available


(630) 888-THUMPER
(630) 584-2485


COVERAGE: Chicago and Suburbs
OUR TEAM: Highly trained and certified Technicians and Engineers


All HVE test reports conform to the NETA Acceptance and Maintenance Testing Specifications, which  includes the following:

- Summary of Project
- Description of Equipment Tested
- Description of Tests Performed
- Test Data
- Conclusions and Recommendations

- One Stop Service Provider
- 24x7 Emergency Response
- Computerized reports
- Large pool of test equipment and trained personnel
- State of the art test equipment
- Excellent safety records
- Training capability

- Unbiased test results
- HVE technical resources